Cardinal Point is well known in faith-based communities for being nuanced in balancing the vigilant physical safety and security of your house of worship, with the ongoing warm and welcoming environment that you strive to achieve from your congregation.


In the wake of recent national and world events, religious communities and their leadership have come to realize that despite the many challenges they face in creating a safe environment at their houses of worship, professional security is vital.

At Cardinal Point, we understand the importance of maintaining a welcoming demeanor, while providing a comprehensive security strategy.

Cardinal Point Homeland Security Group provides cost-effective, all-inclusive solutions for your security requirements.  Target hardening through access control measures, surveillance equipment powered by AI, training and education of client staff and physical security managed by experienced leaders work in harmony to create a systematic approach to protect your people and assets.


  • Armed / Unarmed Security Officers / Concierge
  • Site Security Assessments
  • AI Monitoring Integration into Security Cameras
  • Active Shooter Training & Emergency Action Plans
  • School Reunification Programs
  • Teacher Training Programs
  • Surveillance & Investigative Services
  • Policy / Program Development