Act Before You Are Attacked

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation. Businesses, organizations, and institutions across the country are relying, almost entirely, on technology and remote network access to conduct business.  This dramatic increase in remote access has put organizations of all shapes and sizes at significant risk of cyberattack. At the same time, cyber criminals continue to increase in numbers and sophistication and are looking for any and every opportunity to attack.

No organization is immune, particularly those using less controlled environments or those who have failed to invest in network security technologies to protect their most valued assets.

Protecting your network from malicious, terroristic cyberattacks is not only critical to avoiding the potentially devastating and costly consequences of business disruption, it’s even more important to preserving the trust of the those that you serve.

Cyber Vulnerability and Your Organization

Now more than ever, every district with an accessible network remains at significant risk. Here are just some of the ways your district might be vulnerable to cyberattack:
  • Breaches of student and educator data and identities
  • Disruption of remote learning sessions
  • Cyber stalking and cyber grooming
  • Pushing inappropriate content to students and staff
Schedule a demonstration to see how a Cardinal Point Cyber Vulnerability Assessment – powered by CyVision – can be a critical first step in protecting your school district.
Many business owners think that they’re less of a target for cybercriminals simply because they’re too small or don’t believe they have the critical assets that would be the focus of a cyberattack.
  • 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses
  • 66% of senior decision makers believe they won’t be targeted
  • 6 in 10 have no network defense plan
Schedule a demonstration to see how a Cardinal Point Cyber Vulnerability Assessment – powered by CyVision – can be a critical first step in protecting your small business.
Remote access has made state and local governments more exposed to cyberattacks than ever before – impacting the very core of the services you provide – putting the livelihood of the communities you serve at significant risk:
  • Municipal controlled school districts risk attack and disruption of student learning and access to critical student data
  • Access to electronic medical records and personal patient information of municipal healthcare institutions
  • Confidential public safety records – especially crime and investigative data – assets that require the highest level of confidentiality
Schedule a demonstration to see how a Cardinal Point Cyber Vulnerability Assessment – powered by CyVision – can be a critical first step in protecting the diversity of data held by your municipality.

Cardinal Point Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service

Cardinal Point Security Group – trusted by businesses, organizations, and institutions throughout Pennsylvania for providing safety and security solutions –  wants to help you be proactive in identifying and prioritizing cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and in protecting the security of the critical information you possess and the welfare of those you serve. 

Cardinal Point Security Group’s Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service – powered by CyVision – is the first and foundational step in protecting your network. It’s a simple, powerful, affordable diagnostic service that identifies, visualizes, and prioritizes your critical cyber vulnerabilities … delivering MORE than any other assessment service in as little as 5 days.

It is an immediate necessity for businesses, organizations, and institutions who are under pressure NOW to quickly identify and prioritize your network vulnerabilities in order to protect your cyber networks and, in turn, ensure the safety and security of all those they serve.

Thanks to CyVision, a Cardinal Point Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service Delivers MORE…

MORE Data –

Analyzes and organizes three-dimensions of cybersecurity data including scan data, access control lists (ACLs) and log/big data.

MORE Accuracy –

Integrating endpoint data with ACLs reduces false positives to present a better security profile.

MORE Reporting –

Produces actionable, insightful reports that deliver critical information, not just data.

MORE Efficiency –

We know you’re busy, so our assessment is performed via remote access – without minimal interaction on your part – and delivered in as little as five business days.

MORE Value –

a CyVision vulnerability assessment is more comprehensive, more accurate, and more affordable than any other assessment service on the market today.
You Get What You Pay For
Don’t let other assessment service providers fool you. They promise FREE or low cost assessments but they make you do all the work. They only deliver one hour of consultation and in that hour, outline what you likely already know. They use it as an opportunity to upsell more sophisticated – and more expensive – cybersecurity services you likely don’t even need. They simply don’t measure up.

How CyVision Technology Works to Identify and Prioritize Critical Cybersecurity Challenges

CyVision gathers data box by box to aggregate and ANALYZE disparate scan data, ACL data, and log/big data to provide a thorough risk assessment. No integration required. No special software or devices to install.
Sophisticated analysis techniques VISUALIZE your network and translate critical findings into simple, easy to understand illustrations.
Advanced analytics will PRIORITIZE – out of thousands of potential threats – a hierarchy of cyber vulnerabilities. Reports provide an assessment of your cyber environment today, and, most importantly, identify high-value assets that are directly or indirectly at risk.
It’s a proprietary process that provides the peace of mind of knowing that you are taking the first and foundational step in protecting your business or organization against cyberattack.

Don’t Wait Another Minute – Schedule A 15-minute Demonstration

Cardinal Point Security Group can provide a demonstration of how a Cyber Vulnerability Assessment can provide the critical information you need to immediately protect your organization from cyberattack. Complete the form below for more information or to schedule an immediate demonstration:

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  • Armed Security Officers
  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Site Rover Officers
  • Situational Awareness Training
  • Teacher Safety Certifcation​
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Cyberbullying Prevention
  • Emergency Managment for Special School Populations