Owned and Operated by Former

Military & Law Enforcement That makes sense.

We are security professionals with decades of real-world experience protecting people and property.


Cardinal Point Homeland Security Group brings the best in protective security services and technological safety solutions to your community, school, business, medical center, and religious or public institution. 

Our team of highly-ranked military veterans, command staff, administrators and expert tactical trainers know firsthand the risks that we face in our world.  We approach all security scenarios with the same intent – to keep you and your assets safe.


With decades of field experience, we understand how to recruit the right people, instill the best training methods, and orient our staff to identify all risk situations to best secure your property from all manner of threats.

To achieve this, Cardinal Point maintains vital internal steps:

> recruiting like-minded people: law enforcement and military candidates given priority roles
> top-notch vetting, training and quality field supervision

> analyzing data to improve outcomes
> measuring progress and adapting to current conditions to achieve greater client confidence

CPH Security Group


We design and implement the safest environments for our partner clients through a customized integration of trusted security personell, advanced technologies, and innovative processes.  

Cardinal Point Homeland Security Group stands with you.